Who is gma robin roberts dating

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Who is gma robin roberts dating

But lacking that accessibility to the viewer, would make him a bad choice to be the evening anchor.

George is their because of his connections with the DNC and the Clintons.

That's the whole basis of the gay rumor, he's too drop dead gorgeous to have never been romantically linked to a woman. Fair point - people don't closet their heterosexuality.

Diane, with all her flaws, is still dynamite.[quote] Bitch please. Roberts will never get the credit but they are giving her the $$$. Very interesting interview/article about David being published this week in Gotham magazine (coincidence?George has always been the weak link on that show, something that was extremely evident while Robin Roberts was on medical leave.George does an excellent job as the Washington expert, is extremely credible.he just strikes me as a very private person regarding all aspects of his wasn't he engaged to a woman at one point - during hurricane katrina (and before you jump on me, i'm aware that isn't an indication of being straight)Gays that are "into" older women usually view them as companions or mentors I sense a strong sexual attraction with snobby muir.I think his attraction to older women stems from being an unathletic nerd in school, shunned by the cool girls. In my experience closeted guys always have always gone for the most popular starlet of the moment There are have been at least half a dozen posts of rando's hooking up with him.

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She's a pathetic junkie.[quote]David is far better than George Stephanopoulos, who despite media training still comes across as stiff and distant on camera.

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