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Tamil movie mariyaan online dating

Circumstances surrounding his lady love Panimalar, force him to seek employment as a construction worker in Sudan.

Just as he is about to return home, things take a turn for the worse.

All his friends settle in life, but he continues ...

See full summary » Exploring into the mind of a youth who is mentally and physically abused in his childhood, the film shows how he slowly turns into a psychopath who kills anyone who comes in the way of the girl for whom he has an obsessive love!

Dhanush has mastered pain and suffering on screen and he has apparently gone through an extraordinary physical struggle for the second half.

His emotional prowess is displayed in the scenes when he mourns his dear friend’s loss, during his lovelorn phone calls with Panimalar and when he overcomes his starvation with an imaginary feast of seafood.

Maryan is a spirited young man who shares a deep bond with the sea and calls himself the ‘Prince of the Ocean’ as that is where he plies his trade and earns his livelihood in an adventurous manner.Will the power of Maryan’s love for Panimalar cross geographical boundaries and prove to be his elixir?The movie’s pace is leisurely all the way and the director might have deliberately slowed it down for the audience to feel the intensity of the emotions longer.His looks don’t have continuity at times and his hairstyle undergoes a noticeable change even within the same scene. Parvathy Menon is all oomph and looks really attractive in authentic native costumes.She is a terrific actress and shows her emoting range in Maryan.

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Her chemistry with Dhanush is really intimate and adds a lot of depth to the movie.

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