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The River of Consciousness is the precious voice of Oliver Sacks come back to us, to do what all great seers do: lead us to places that we could never have found on our own.

Hope Jahren, author of Lab Girl Reading a book published after its authors death, especially if he is as prodigiously alive on every page as Oliver Sacks, as curious, avid and thrillingly fluent, brings both the joy of hearing from him again, and the regret of knowing it will likely be the last time[The] combination of wonder, passion and gratitude never seemed to flag in Sackss life; everything he wrote was lit with it.

Library Journal *starred review* Sacks engages and deepens our attention through the historic and personal particulars with which he argues his points about what, say, memory, or forgetting, or creativity, or A General Feeling of Disorder, involves organismically.

So doing, he has made permanent contributions to literature.

As this volume reminds us, in losing Sacks we lost a gifted and generous storyteller.

Wall Street Journal The reader is in thrall to Sacks ability to braid wide reading, research and experience with his neurology patients to reach original and subtle conclusions.

A marvellous discrete series of meditationsand a profoundly moving one.

This collection of 10 essays, some of which appeared previously in the New York Review of Books, was assembled by three colleagues from an outline provided by Sacks two weeks before his death in 2015.

Sacks brings the friendly curiosity for which he is so beloved to this ultimate testing ground of character, emerging once more as the brilliant, lovable human he was.

Maria Popova, Brainpickings Sackss intellectual trajectories are eloquent, witty and adherent to a sturdy internal logic.

Publishers Weekly Sackss enthusiasms are so finely and conversationally expressed as to be entirely seductive.

Each essay contains a careful lifetime of observation and reading.

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Throughout, Sacks displays his marvelous skill with words, rich knowledge of medicine and science and their histories, observational skills, curiosity, and humor, and its impossible not to feel the loss of this amazing thinker.

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