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Incidentally, they have to the old type, the same size as the two Shilling piece.

That’s because this phone was introduced barely a decade after decimalisation (1971) when pre-decimal coins were still in circulation. To make a call simply put a coin in the slot (two more can be on standby in the coin holders next to the slot) and dial the number.

If not, or when they were out and about they could still make phone calls using telephone boxes and kiosks.

However, this was on the strict understanding that the charge rate was displayed and if it was too high and they received complaints, BT would probably send the boys round and take it away.

It’s used to peer into dark and inaccessible places and it allowed me to view the locking mechanism through a slot in the base.

From that I was able to figure out that by drilling a small and unobtrusive hole in the side of the case it could be opened by poking a lever with a thin metal rod.

There’s a reversible plate behind the coin slot with a 20p sized hole – but it seems that this was never implemented, probably because the expensive coin mechanism would have to be replaced or modified.

The stallholder at the Essex antiques fair where I found this one claimed to be one of its original users.

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When the call is answered press the big orange Button A and the coin disappears into the slot.