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Fsm online dating meaning

The above mentioned penalty regulation is not applicable to those who have overstayed in Macao within one year.

Those will be considered to be illegal immigrants if they do not pay the fine and the penalty regulation is not applicable to them.

The above regulation is not applicable to mainland residents who possess permits issued by the authorities of the People’s Republic of China, and exceptionally not applicable to individuals who intend to stay temporarily in Macao for proceeding to another destination and guarantee to have be admissible or re-admissible to any country or region.

Individuals who are not exempted from a "Visa" or "Entry Permit" will be granted Authorization to Stay for a maximum of 30 days upon arrival with a "Visa", "Entry Permit" or "Authorization to Enter and Stay".

Otherwise, they will also be regarded as overstayers.

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If the violator fails to voluntarily pay the fine in accordance with the above stipulation, the Immigration Department will send the notes of executory effect to the jurisdictional court for mandatory collection of the fine. 14/2014 'Amendments to the Provision on Overstay in the 《Regulations of the Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization》', persons who still stay in the Macao SAR but not over 30 days after the expiry of the authorization granted is fined MOP500 per overdue day from 9/7/2014.

The violators are required to pay the fine immediately after they are arrested or report themselves to the police.

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In cases where the limit of stay granted upon re-entry extends beyond the expiry date of the "Non-Resident Worker’s Permit", "Special Stay Permit", "Special Authorization to Stay" or "Extension of Stay", the Immigration Department will make the following arrangements: For individuals who do not enjoy the exemption specified in VII and choose to apply for an "Entry Permit", they are required to pay the fee for the "Entry Permit".

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