Free couple live cam without membership

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Free couple live cam without membership

As of January 2017 , I am now posting COLOR photos which I have edited on a website called, which is an excellent alternative to the very expensive Photoshop editing software. You may post photos which you've edited and everyone is welcome to edit and post my photos as well. Those who post spam or off topic items will be barred from the group!

People who like to post regarding trading of images are welcome! COM, is a Web page of photos and videos featuring attractive FAMOUS women wearing aplaster and occasionally fibreglass casts, normal people in a their normal life .

In order to view them, a free Deviant Art account is needed.

Before getting to teh very bottom They take time to crutch into a cafe for a coffee so Benetta can compensate the woman for her help.

Then she crutches out of the cafe and back to the car.

The woman in the car obliges and tells her to hop in.

She also helps her out of the car when they eget further down the hill and to navigate the still steep slope at the bottom.

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She prefers propping her casted foot up on the table and the camera gets shots of her casted foot and long toes from all angles including bottom sole shots. Her cast heel is also so high [to keep her toes off the ground in winter] that its hard to walk in her one chuck and she has use a cane dragging her cast foot to the side, which of course gets a lot of stares.

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