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Under the direction of Belgian choreographer and dancer Michèle Anne De Mey and the award-winning filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael, master artists use live film projection on stage to bring miniature worlds into full view of the audience.He is a dark, enigmatic prince obsessed with seeking revenge for his father's death.The musical tells the wholly — make that holy — inspiring story of five small-town boys (Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham) trying to save the world one screaming fan at a time.Their pious pop act, including lyrics like "Girl, you make me wanna wait" and "Jesus called me on my cell phone," worked wonders on the Ohio bingo-hall-and-pancake-breakfast circuit.Here, the unrestrained imagination moves the melancholy act of mourning through of journey across the thresholds of life and death. That's the big question posed by the surprisingly funny and whimsical new show from the troupe behind Arts Emerson's 2013 word-of-mouth phenomenon, Kiss & Cry.Utilizing that same theatrical magic — cinematic techniques, miniature sets, dancing hands and a poetic voice-over — Cold Blood cycles through a series of different lives (and deaths) in a hypnotic dreamlike state.Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this classic by Eugene O'Neill is a surprisingly contemporary play that crackles with fierce physicality, humor, and drama.

In 2013, the duo was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association's Hall of Fame.

The trademark sound of Russell Hitchcock's soaring tenor voice and Graham Russell's simple yet majestic songs create a unique sound forever known as Air Supply.

It is the live shows that always hold audiences captive around the world.

It's an extraordinary theatrical event in which one lamp and three wishes make the possibilities infinite.

Aladdin features songs from the film as well as new music written by Tony and Academy Award winner Alan Menken (Newsies).

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