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At first, he didn’t believe his own eyes—after all, the statue was solid concrete—but after inspecting it the following day and realizing there was no chance of foul play, he became convinced that he had witnessed a miraculous event.The legend of the statue started spreading and others started claiming they had also seen it move.A ruthless lord called Miles Corbet is sometimes seen as an imposing armored soldier who suddenly breaks into pieces.The most interesting of the castle’s ghosts is Puck, a small, reclusive jester who was a caretaker of the castle during the rule of Henry VIII.Various people have reported ghostly singing and figures wandering the area.Most of these ghosts appear to be residual haunting (certain events playing over and over again) from the building’s history, oblivious of what is going around.Before long, an exorcism was performed in the premises.

In 2011, a video of a poltergeist-like invisible ghost throwing fruit around in the Jervis shopping center surfaced online.

It has since been taken down, so its authenticity is dubious, but the area has such a storied reputation when it comes to paranormal that a fruit poltergeist is actually far from the strangest thing to have happened there.

Parts of the shopping center have a history as an old hospital, and as such, it has seen its share of human suffering.

The beautiful, anonymous White Lady in a large painting in the main hall has been reported to leave her painting to walk the corridors at night.

Another lady, Maud Plunkett, roams the same corridors, forever chasing her husband’s unseen ghost.

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Despite all this, believers in the phenomenon stand by their claims.