Curriculum excellence developing consolidating

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However, children for whom the teacher has been unable to make a professional judgement are not included.Teacher professional judgements of achievement of a level are based on all of the evidence collected by teachers during the on-going assessment of children and young people's learning.

The data was provided to the Scottish Government by all 32 Local Authorities, as well as grant-aided schools.

However, some establishments misunderstood the requirement and provided information for pupils which they record locally as being in P1, P4, P7 and S3.

Therefore, the information provided from standalone special schools/units has been inconsistent in this first year's data collection and the data requirements will be considered further for forthcoming collections.

There is an emphasis across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) to consult users during the review of statistics, and to make experimental series available during this period to assist in the quality assurance, development and familiarisation of the statistics.

The Code of Practice for Official Statistics promotes and supports the release of experimental statistics to involve users in their development at an early stage; however, it is likely that the statistics will not be fully compliant in all areas due to their nature as 'data being developed'.

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1.4 Pupils based in special schools/units Special schools/units cater for children of all ages.

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