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Political campaigns to reduce the growth of the human population are decreasing, not increasing.

The most effective of all, China’s policy of one child per couple is relaxing and and only a third of the population is subject to this limitation (Source: The Australian ).

The science that helps us in this case is ecology, which has a specific branch of human ecology .

Anyone who thinks that we do not apply the laws of biology, is that it has lost touch with the reality of human nature.

This concept demonstrates its practical usefulness when observed that populations with capacity growth tend to occur in many species, a sigmoidal growth asymptotically approaches a value that was defined as capacity (Odum, Fundamentals of Ecology, 1953). The growth of a population (d N / dt) limited by its capacity (K) follows a sigmoid curve, which is proportional to its maximum growth rate (r) by the population size N and a factor is less the closer N to K.

Another more modern working definition is that the capacity of a population is the size of the population (N) when its growth rate (r) becomes zero and stops growing (Molles, Ecology: Concepts and Applications, 2012). The carrying capacity is not a static value as shown in Fig.

An animal population may be below its carrying capacity in the spring after a hard winter, or temporarily above it during the winter, a situation that usually lasts a short time and that inevitably leads to a decline in population due to multiple natural limiting factors (eg mortality, disease, migration and decrease the rate of reproduction).

The concept of carrying capacity also applies to human ecology .

Opinions expressed in this post are those of Javier and not necessarily those of the blog owner Ron Patterson.You can see the current figure on page Seven 1300 million and growing at a rate of 1.1% per year, ie 80 million people each year , the equivalent of two Spains completely filled each year.Since the growth rate is declining naturally, if not intervene any new factor human population on Earth would peak slightly above the 10 billion people by 2062 according to the United Nations. The odds that this issue is addressed in political form before 2062 are very low.Carrying Capacity: A Model with Varying Logistically Limits ). Evolution of the population of England and Japan in recent centuries.Note that the shorter duration of the industrial revolution in Japan (77 years) due to be later, it corresponds to a growth in population correspondingly faster. We can see how the lifting capacity (K, inferred) results in the increase of population (P million) according to a sigmoidal curve to stabilize at the new value. Numerous studies can relate the increase in capacity in human populations with increased food availability .

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